Flowers for Paper People

I made some customs for the third issue of Paper People, Pimp my paper toy,  a nice thing happening in Pordenone, Italy.
The project is for raising cash to buy material to the youth department at CRO, a cancer research center.

So, it's for a good thing, but that means that you can't download this, just look..

Flowers for Paper People

I made customs of 3eyedbears bear, Vinsarts H-man and Phils Minibox can.
Lovely toys and I hope my customs can make some money for a good cause!

If you wanna se more pictures from this project, check it out here: BEHANCE

If you pass by Pordenone, buy my stuff! Unfortunately I woun't be there myself.


Ciggy Woodmouse

I don't just do papertoys, eventhough it might look like that.

Meet Ciggy Woodmouse, handcarved by me.

Yup, it's a bit inspired by Frank Kozik..

I might sell him...


What did those hippies do to my robot?!?

Since Stomper Mk.I have been downloaded 100 times from my blog, (YAY!)
I thought it was time to release Stomper Mk.II.

Stomper Mk.II have been taken over by a group of hippies who dismantled and remade the robot into a groovy, dancing lovemachine!
It was fun making a custom of my own model and I'll promise ya a Mk. III later.

Well, peace out with Country Joe and the Fish and build yourself a hippietoy!

Download this toy at my new homepage:


The Mexican

I liked [MCK]'s, Matthijs C. Kamstra's, Revolvrr so much I decided to take it to another time and place.

The Mexican
The original gun is a snubnosed little piece made as a part for another papertoy, it beats me wich toy, but it's a really cool thing!
You can find this little papergem on his blog: HERE!

MCK's original Revolvrr
My custom version of this toy takes it to Mexico or maybe Texas. Who doesn't like spaghetti-westerns?
Thanks to [MCK] for a real cool toy!

Download The Mexican here: ADIOS!

2012-05-06 Update: 100+ downloads!
2012-05-07 Update: 200+ downloads! Thank you all!
2012-05-12 Update: 300+ downloads! I didn't excpect this!
2012-05-31 Update: 400+ downloads!! This gun is still smoking!!