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Dear followers and readers of the blog 'I made this', fear not, I just changed name and made a facelift!
The new and more catchy name of the blog is 'House of St.Hellvis'.

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Orange Goblin

I fell in love with the british stonerband Orange Goblin some time ago. Not just because of the music, but for the energy.
Since they have a really cool name, I started to think of a hommage papertoy for 'em and here it is!

Psychadelica Goblin!

The Goblin comes with a bonus beard, so you can decide for yourselves if you want it on or not.

With beard!
Without beard.

So how does Orange Goblin sound?? Check out the vid below!

Download this toy at my new homepage:

Back again! This is MY toy and the copyright is mine! I share it if I want!