What did you do in school today?

I've runned a papertoy project in my artlessons for the fourgraders (10-11year old kids).
Most of the kids loved it and it was very cool to see their creativity.
I started out with handing out a bunch of blank templates from Papertoy adventures.com. (Rondo and Contender). After the kids painted and built their blank templates, they got an assignment.
Make your own original toy!
Most of the kids made boxshapes, but there's a few more complex shapes to.
Well here's some pictures of the result, loads of funny, colorful and unique papertoys!

Toys, toys, toys!
More toys!

Sometimes it´s like this:



Couldn't help it, I had to do another custom Coobie.

Scetchy is made with my fingertips in Adobe Reader for iPhone. Not the best way to make a slick and nice toy, but fun anyway!
Since the drawings wasn't possible to save or mail in Reader, I had to take a screenpic and mail that to myself.
The result, a rather crude, scetchy, pixly custom Coobie but with a certain charm.

Download this toy at my new homepage:



Meet Bubblegum, my custom Coobie.
Coobie is originally made by ADMSXT from the french Paper Toy collective.

Bubblegum is my contribution Call for artists - DIY project.
You can get involved to, download blank template and more info HERE!

Bubblegum is free to download and build!
Download this toy at my new homepage:

Bubblegum, custom Coobie by me.


Mr. Chikyuu

I made a custom of Toxic Paper Factorys Mr. Chikyuu.
Mr. Chikyuu wants to travel the world, so this is a 8-ball Mr.Chikyuu from Sweden!

8-ball Rocker Mr.Chikyuu

Procyon, the creator and owner of TPF, allowed me to share my custom.

Download this toy at my new homepage:

If you want to make your own custom, contact Toxic Paper Factory here---> CONTACTPAGE!


Prepare to be Stomped!

It's done! My first papertoy from my own idéa and design.
Stomper is a battlerobot who crushes enemies under it´s big feet.

The legs are a bit tricky to build cause of the many angles, but start from the top and you'll manage just fine!

If you would like to make a custom Stomper, comment below and add a mailadress and I'll send you the blank templates.

Stomper Mk I
Download this toy at my new homepage:

2012-05-04 Update: 100+ Downloads!