What did you do in school today?

I've runned a papertoy project in my artlessons for the fourgraders (10-11year old kids).
Most of the kids loved it and it was very cool to see their creativity.
I started out with handing out a bunch of blank templates from Papertoy adventures.com. (Rondo and Contender). After the kids painted and built their blank templates, they got an assignment.
Make your own original toy!
Most of the kids made boxshapes, but there's a few more complex shapes to.
Well here's some pictures of the result, loads of funny, colorful and unique papertoys!

Toys, toys, toys!
More toys!

Sometimes it´s like this:


  1. great love those!!. Which my teacher did something like this when i was young! ^__^

    1. Thanks! I which that to, I guess that's what keeps me going! :)
      It's really a good thing, to get the kids think three-dimentional. Opens up new ways of thinking...