Red tide rising!

For all you who liked and DL'd my Orange Goblin papertoy, here's a holiday special!

The Orange Goblin X-mas special: Red Tide Rising.

X-mas special
Of course you should have a look at Orange Goblin (the bands) video.

Download this toy at my new homepage:


More Shin customs.

I know, I should do a toy of my own and not just do customs..
But it's just so fun customing Shin Tanakas papertoys, they are so wellplanned and brilliant so I just can't resist.

Here's my latest customs.

The Shoophy is a mash-up with Shins Hoophy and my Orange Goblin

Download this toy at my new homepage:

StHBR is a custom BR. I was going berzerk with my SH-logo pattern.. :)

Download this toy at my new homepage:



Yesterday Shin Tanaka released a pile of new colorful papertoys, Ws,
and today I release my own custom Ws!
Thanks to Mr. Tanaka for adding a blank template in the pack of toys!

Download this toy at my new homepage:


Death Proof

I like BoxZet papertoys and I like Tarantinos movie Death Proof.
So I made a combo!

Check out my newest custom:

Get it at BoxZet's page.


Got wood? (again!)

I made a new wood mechabunny!!
This time it's Nick Knites Mechabunny baby, and I finished mine before he released his paperversion for download! Haha!
Teak baby Mechabunny
Anyhow, me and Nick have talked about making a small numbered series of wood Mechabunnies, wich would be for sale through Nick.
That's something for the future. For now you just have to wait for the new batch of mBuns, Mecha 6.5, that's soon to be released at his site: http://www.nickknite.com



I'm proud to say that my toy Orange Goblin got curated by Behance network and made it to the Toydesign Served page.

See it here!

Thank you Behance!

Random Orange Goblin picture to make this post a bit nicer!


Tomtarnas Sommarhus!

Look what my dear wife found in the basement!
The gnomes summer-house!
Unfortunatly only one of two pages is left, so I guess you have to do with one house and a pig.

I guess it's from late seventies or early eighties, but I can't keep this gem from you!

Feel free to download and build a summerhouse, to keep the chilly fall away.

Get mama a house!


House of St.Hellvis

Dear followers and readers of the blog 'I made this', fear not, I just changed name and made a facelift!
The new and more catchy name of the blog is 'House of St.Hellvis'.

--- end of message---


Orange Goblin

I fell in love with the british stonerband Orange Goblin some time ago. Not just because of the music, but for the energy.
Since they have a really cool name, I started to think of a hommage papertoy for 'em and here it is!

Psychadelica Goblin!

The Goblin comes with a bonus beard, so you can decide for yourselves if you want it on or not.

With beard!
Without beard.

So how does Orange Goblin sound?? Check out the vid below!

Download this toy at my new homepage:

Back again! This is MY toy and the copyright is mine! I share it if I want!


The 666 special!

Dear followers, readers and friends!

Since my custom The Mexican has been downloaded 666 times since the release
I now proudly give you a special editition of my custom, but only for 24 hours!

Be quick! Soon it's gone!
The 666 Special

Get it here: The 666 Special CLOSED!


Head's up!

Tomorrow! My first timed exclusive papertoy!



Releasing some flowers to the world!

Since the third issue of Paper People is over I now wanna release my customs for the rest of the world.
Those of you who wheren't in Pordenone can grab your own toy today!

My three customs.

Download this toy at my new homepage:

I haven't got a clue if my customs generated any money for the CRO, but I hope so!


Blank Stomper!!

Since I'm not doing any paperstuff for the moment, YOU can do it!

Customize my Stomper and send me the result! :)

Adress to where you can send pics of your version and templates: stellans.iphone(a)gmail(DOT)com

Download this toy at my new homepage:


Hello Mr. Vasarely!

Hello Mr. Vasarely 1 to 10 with two boxes...

I´ve been working on this little custom project for a while.
It's, as you might see, a custom of Shin Tanakas Spiky Baby with artwork based on Victor Vasarelys art.
Victor Vasarely was a hungarian artist who pioneered the Op-art movement.
Shin Tanaka is the Maestro of Papertoys and one of my biggest inspirations.

Check the customspage for downloads!!


St.Hellvis on the Facebook

Just started a brand new Facebook page, just for my papertoys.
Feel free to like and comment your butts off!

GO! -> https://www.facebook.com/sthellvis.papertoys


Flowers for Paper People

I made some customs for the third issue of Paper People, Pimp my paper toy,  a nice thing happening in Pordenone, Italy.
The project is for raising cash to buy material to the youth department at CRO, a cancer research center.

So, it's for a good thing, but that means that you can't download this, just look..

Flowers for Paper People

I made customs of 3eyedbears bear, Vinsarts H-man and Phils Minibox can.
Lovely toys and I hope my customs can make some money for a good cause!

If you wanna se more pictures from this project, check it out here: BEHANCE

If you pass by Pordenone, buy my stuff! Unfortunately I woun't be there myself.


Ciggy Woodmouse

I don't just do papertoys, eventhough it might look like that.

Meet Ciggy Woodmouse, handcarved by me.

Yup, it's a bit inspired by Frank Kozik..

I might sell him...


What did those hippies do to my robot?!?

Since Stomper Mk.I have been downloaded 100 times from my blog, (YAY!)
I thought it was time to release Stomper Mk.II.

Stomper Mk.II have been taken over by a group of hippies who dismantled and remade the robot into a groovy, dancing lovemachine!
It was fun making a custom of my own model and I'll promise ya a Mk. III later.

Well, peace out with Country Joe and the Fish and build yourself a hippietoy!

Download this toy at my new homepage:


The Mexican

I liked [MCK]'s, Matthijs C. Kamstra's, Revolvrr so much I decided to take it to another time and place.

The Mexican
The original gun is a snubnosed little piece made as a part for another papertoy, it beats me wich toy, but it's a really cool thing!
You can find this little papergem on his blog: HERE!

MCK's original Revolvrr
My custom version of this toy takes it to Mexico or maybe Texas. Who doesn't like spaghetti-westerns?
Thanks to [MCK] for a real cool toy!

Download The Mexican here: ADIOS!

2012-05-06 Update: 100+ downloads!
2012-05-07 Update: 200+ downloads! Thank you all!
2012-05-12 Update: 300+ downloads! I didn't excpect this!
2012-05-31 Update: 400+ downloads!! This gun is still smoking!!


What did you do in school today?

I've runned a papertoy project in my artlessons for the fourgraders (10-11year old kids).
Most of the kids loved it and it was very cool to see their creativity.
I started out with handing out a bunch of blank templates from Papertoy adventures.com. (Rondo and Contender). After the kids painted and built their blank templates, they got an assignment.
Make your own original toy!
Most of the kids made boxshapes, but there's a few more complex shapes to.
Well here's some pictures of the result, loads of funny, colorful and unique papertoys!

Toys, toys, toys!
More toys!

Sometimes it´s like this:



Couldn't help it, I had to do another custom Coobie.

Scetchy is made with my fingertips in Adobe Reader for iPhone. Not the best way to make a slick and nice toy, but fun anyway!
Since the drawings wasn't possible to save or mail in Reader, I had to take a screenpic and mail that to myself.
The result, a rather crude, scetchy, pixly custom Coobie but with a certain charm.

Download this toy at my new homepage:



Meet Bubblegum, my custom Coobie.
Coobie is originally made by ADMSXT from the french Paper Toy collective.

Bubblegum is my contribution Call for artists - DIY project.
You can get involved to, download blank template and more info HERE!

Bubblegum is free to download and build!
Download this toy at my new homepage:

Bubblegum, custom Coobie by me.


Mr. Chikyuu

I made a custom of Toxic Paper Factorys Mr. Chikyuu.
Mr. Chikyuu wants to travel the world, so this is a 8-ball Mr.Chikyuu from Sweden!

8-ball Rocker Mr.Chikyuu

Procyon, the creator and owner of TPF, allowed me to share my custom.

Download this toy at my new homepage:

If you want to make your own custom, contact Toxic Paper Factory here---> CONTACTPAGE!


Prepare to be Stomped!

It's done! My first papertoy from my own idéa and design.
Stomper is a battlerobot who crushes enemies under it´s big feet.

The legs are a bit tricky to build cause of the many angles, but start from the top and you'll manage just fine!

If you would like to make a custom Stomper, comment below and add a mailadress and I'll send you the blank templates.

Stomper Mk I
Download this toy at my new homepage:

2012-05-04 Update: 100+ Downloads!



My first toy!
Bilpojken, Car-Boy, is a character from the sharp pen of Max Andersson. I have been a fan of Max Anderssons dark universe for years and I've read loads of his comics and seen several of his films.
Bilpojken, Car-Boy; is an ordinary boy who lives with his parents, the only unusual thing about him as that his head is shaped like an old car. On the other hand o is his friends heads, Tractor Girl and Wreck Boy.

Bilpojken, Car-Boy, the comic and the papertoy.

I have permission from Max Andersson to use his character for non-commercial use so feel free to grab a free toy!
While you build it have a looksie on Max Anderssons film Spikbebis (Nailbaby).

Download this toy at my new homepage:



The joy of being a sloydteacher is, with exception of all my nice students, the machinery!
I have access to a load of good machines and tools.
Some of my worktime goes to maintence, but that's just fun!




I love skulls! When I was a kid I drew skulls and when I grew up I bought t-shirts with skulls.
Now I'm 40 and got a skull tattooed on my shoulder and I still draw skulls.
Of course I made some skulls...
Here's a few.

Silver, painted wood, lambbone


Why just make one?

I was taking the bike to work, bicycle not Harley, and listened to a cool band on Spotify.
This cool band have a cool name, so I got an idea for a cool papertoy!
Now I have four different toyprojects and two customs going on at the same time...

While you wait for some goodies to download, guess what band inspired me to the newest project, comment below.

Guess what band!


A face only a mother could love?

Yesterday I started skinning Stomper.
Found some cool pictures of attackhelicopters that had nice colors and details and I like photoshop!
The head/body part turned out really nice, now for the legs.. Theire tricky with all the strange angles, but I think Stomper's gonna be a cool toy!

Of course I will post links to the templates so you can build your own Stomper when I'm done!

The head/body


The mighty Shin.

In 2010 I was attending the Kimono Fusion exhibition at Världskulturmuséet in Gothenburg. It was a really nice exhibit where I first saw the works of Shin Tanaka.
I tell you, it was love at first sight and when I came home I googled Shin and discovered the world of papertoys.
Here's some of my Shin builds, all but the Masked Hoody (the blue guy) is built by me. The Hoody is built by my 6-years old daughter.

Some from my collection.
Pics from Kimono Fusion.


Plane and cars.

I really like making toys!
I've made toys for all my kids and they loved it.
The tractors steeringwheel works.

Sportscar, Tractor with trailer
Hotrod, Bigfoot


Tvättlapposaurusen (the Carelabelosaur)

When we waited for our smallest I knitted a toy for the baby.
Since this was our third kid I noticed that babies often are interrested in care labels on toys, so I made the Tvättlapposaurus ( Care-label-osaurus)
Today my sisterinlaws kid tried it, it still works!

Tasting the Carelabelosaur.
Knitted toy
Hi! I got funny carelabels, love me!


Tougher than thou!

Gotta show you my mittens. Thei're not new. It was a hole in one finger so I cut all the fingers and made some  cross-stitch embroderies.

Love/Hate mittens

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle
No, I didn't make this amazing papermodel. It's just so cool that I have to post it.
For you who aren't familiar with the castle, it's a model from the film with the same name (Howl's Moving Castle) by Hayao Miyazaki. It just happens to be one of my favourite Miyazaki films..
The model is from a book, now out of print, from Kodansha.
Copies of it can sometimes be found on eBay.

How long it takes to build it?? About 4 minutes and 46 seconds on YouTube, but a couple of weeks I guess..
The coolest part is that it's also an automata with moving parts, like the mouth and turrets.

There are scans of this book floating around the net, it's a bundle of 70 pages.
Yes I have it, yes I will build it...


Stomper MkI

Sketching on a new papertoy..
I looove robots!
Stomper MKI first sketch.

Got wood?

The amazing papercrafter Nick Knite have made a cool model, the Mecha Bunny.
I made a custom version in wood.
The body is made of aged birch, the legs and head of alder and the ears of plywood.

Link to a bigger post on Nice Paper Toys: here!

Mechabunny Wood


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