This blog is about to close!!

My friend Andreas Wieslander is building my new homepage, so all of you UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS!

You need to go here: http://www.sthellvis.com

The new page isn't all done yet, but all my stuff is there and new stuff is going there and NOT here!!


I've been busy!

Just trying to get it together for the Shove It! exhibit! You can also check out the FB-page of the event!
Well, I can't show ya any papertoy, cause that's very hush hush, but I can show you the skatedeck I've been working on!!

Or, NO I can't, cause it's all under lid for a li'l while longer...

But WOAH! I'm a part of it and that's so cool!!

Well, that's it!
Oh, just one thing....


Dear friends!

The last few days there been problem with downloading files from my page, this has been an issue due to changes on RapidShare. They made all files user-only and I had to unlock it for you.

Issue is now solved and all my toys are ready for download again.